Firearm Trip: Townhome in Mount Pleasant & Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to the oldest city in South Carolina.. Charleston! Looking for a vacation spot that has it all? Charleston, SC has what you are looking for. History, outdoor activities, beaches, bargain shopping, gorgeous architecture, southern cuisine and hospitality, this town can accommodate the whole family.

Living only roughly 4 hours away from this sought after vacation spot, I had never had the chance to visit this beautiful town prior to now. After experiencing the rare environment, Charleston has become one of my favorite spots!

Only a quick drive right outside of Charleston is a smaller town called Mount Pleasant, which is where I had the opportunity to reside in for a few days while I dug into my tourist side. The quant 2 bedroom Airbnb was a townhome located in a quiet neighborhood offering a short distance from the busy downtown Charleston streets, but for a great rate. AND the best part of this Airbnb… it was pet friendly! So I was delighted to take along my shotgun riding, furry companion.

Chic decor filled this quant townhome. Each room and corner boasted style and comfort, creating a “home-away-from-home” feel. If I was better at keeping up with Pinterest, my boards would be filled from this one stay!

For my Operative Travelers.. this home had 2 points of door entrances/exits. The front door from the shared porch to the other adjoining unit, and the back sliding glass door into the fenced in back yard (perfect for my furry side-kick!). The bedrooms were located upstairs with adjoining bathrooms. For this trip, I carried my usual go-to’s, my SIG p320 and my M&P Shield. I like to carry two firearms, typically, when I travel especially in the Spring and Summer months depending on what I wear and either on-body or off-body carry. The home was located in a somewhat secluded area but also only a short drive to local shops, restaurants, the hospital, fire station, and police station. Being a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,000 sqft townhome, the “comps” for the home based on the local rental market was priced right in line and below the “comps” in Charleston, SC. I would rate the “bang-for-your-buck” rental rate of this vacation home, as MODERATE (on a scale of OVERPRICED-MODERATE-GREAT).

Let’s talk about some of the highlights. I must mention that I was visiting the area for only 3 days, and I say “only” because I felt that I did quite a bit and saw so much of this historic town, but there was still so much that I did not get to experience! But while I was there I will mention a couple of my favorite places I ate at, one of the best historical tours in my opinion, a little local filming insight, and last but certainly not least.. a gun store I highly recommend visiting!

Y’all know food holds a special place to my heart and guys.. believe me when I say, this is the heart of Southern Food! You may want to bring that EDC belt that you haven’t worn in awhile.. you know.. the one with the larger adjustable strap.. Because you may need it from all the delicious, butter and fried filled cuisine you could ever desire! I will narrow this down to my top two places I recommend eating. First and foremost, you HAVE to try Viscous Biscuit located only 2 miles from the Airbnb, located in Mount Pleasant. I have to give credit to a fellow blogger and his article that I discovered prior to my quest to Charleston. He raved about how this place was not just one of.. but “THE BEST PLACE” he has ever eaten. So.. I had to try it and y’all.. I know that I was raised to make biscuits from and fried chicken and all the fixins’ from scratch.. but whoever’s grandma’s recipe they used for this place.. there is no wonder why they opened up a restaurant specifically featuring biscuits and fried chicken. Even God’s chicken can’t touch this place (yes I went there! Shout out to my fellow Chick-Fil-A lovers!). Please, do your taste buds a favor and try Viscous Biscuit. P.S. there is outdoor seating for your fury companion to accompany you!

Menu can be found HERE

Next food place I have to mention for you to try is called 5th Street Church and Union. I highly recommend giving this elegant restaurant a try for a nice evening dinner. Not only is the food top rated and honestly to die for, but the interior is simply stunning. Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, this restaurant was converted from a historic Church. The interior redesign kept the “bones” from the church and elegantly mastered to take your breath away. When you walk-in, the building opens up into a larger dining area with cathedral ceilings lined with quotes, stained-glass windows, and angel-like lighting. They truly designed a unique restaurant that also hosts some of the best southern hospitality and cuisine. View their menu and hours HERE.

For the traveler that loves a little history and outdoors, and maybe looking to try something new, I would recommend taking a horse and carriage ride and experience the back streets of downtown Charleston while learning about the unique architecture and why these homes are valued at some of the highest price points in the United States. The horses are also extremely valued and well cared for. This is definitely a unique, inexpensive activity I highly recommend!

For those of you film nerds, have you ever seen or heard of the television show “Outer Banks”? Well.. did you know that the show was actually not filmed in Outer Banks, NC? Instead the show was filmed in the beautiful marsh area, downtown streets, and along side the beaches of Charleston and Mount Pleasant! Take a nice morning or evening stroll along the boardwalk of Shem Creek for some beautiful pictures of the waterway and local fishing boats. Or take a quick drive to visit the Hunting Island Lighthouse; another location where the series was filmed.

Last, but certainly not least.. a gun store that you really shouldn’t miss… the Palmetto State Armory. This American firearm company has 8 locations in South Carolina and one being only about 16 minutes from the Airbnb location, in Charleston. This Armory sells a variety of brands and manufacturers, offering everything from firearms, ammunition, tactical equipment, sights, lights, reloading supplies, along with hunting and some fishing supplies. This shop is massive, so plan to spend quite some time there!

There are two local high-ranked shooting ranges in the area. I did not have the time to visit these unfortunately, but plan to for my next trip down! The Quickshot Shooting Range (ranked with 4.4 stars on Google Reviews) is located roughly 19 minutes from the Airbnb and the C&S Shooting Sports (ranked at 4.8 stars on Google Review) is located 15 minutes from the Airbnb.

I could go on and on about this gorgeous area, but it is truly one you have to experience for yourself to feel the true nature. This place truly has it all for just about anyone of any age. If you are interested in learning more about the Airbnb I referenced, send me a message below and I would be happy to send you the information. Any other comments, questions or remarks, please fire away! I am happy to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

xo -Marcee

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