Introduction to Competition Shooting Sports

Are you a beginning shooter looking for a new challenge? Maybe you’re already comfortable shooting at the range, but want something more? Enter competition shooting sports. These fast-paced and exciting competitions can be a great way to practice your skills and get out of your comfort zone. Let’s explore some tips on “getting your toes wet” in the competitive world of shooting sports like USPSA, IDPA or other matches.

Tip #1: Get Familiar with the Different Types of Matches
When it comes to competing in shooting sports there are a variety of different types of matches. Pistol-only matches are exactly what they sound like – matches where only handguns are used. Two gun matches involve the use of two guns – usually a pistol and a rifle, while three gun matches include all three (pistol, rifle, shotgun). PCC stands for Pistol Caliber Carbine which is basically a rifle that shoots pistol calibers. There are even shotgun-only matches as well. Once you understand what types of competitions there are, it’s easier to choose one that best fits your skill level and goals!

Tip #2: Choose an Appropriate Division
Competition shooters compete in divisions based on their equipment. In USPSA there are seven divisions including Open, Limited 10, Limited, Production, Single Stack Classic, Revolver and Carry Optics. IDPA has five divisions including Stock Service Pistol (SSP), Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP), Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP), revolver and Back Up Gun (BUG). It’s important to know that most divisions have specific requirements for what type of firearm can be used so make sure you do research before signing up for a competition!

Tip #3: Practice Makes Perfect
Once you have chosen which type of match and division best suits you, its time to start practicing! Start by going to local matches or joining an affiliated club, or community (like Ballistic B.O.S.) if possible so you can learn from experienced competitors who can help answer any questions or provide advice on how to improve your skills. It’s also important to make sure you have all the necessary gear before competing in any match such as holsters and other accessories like magazine pouches or belt loops if needed. The more prepared you are the better off you will be when competing!

At Ballistic B.O.S. we cover anything and everything related to competition shooting. From gear, to drills, to professional tips, to goal setting and tracking, to stage planning, and so much more, our community provides our members the right tools to succeed in the sport. Interested in learning more about joining our online community? Visit here:

Competitive shooting sports like USPSA or IDPA offer shooters an exciting way to test their skills while having fun! By understanding different types of competitions available as well as choosing an appropriate division based on your equipment needs, shooters can easily get their feet wet in these thrilling sports without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by more experienced competitors. With enough practice using quality gear and helpful advice from other competitors familiar with the sport, beginners can soon become experts themselves with enough dedication!

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