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Get ready to take your shooting skills and competition success to the next level! Join this revolutionary women’s community, specifically designed for female shooters who are looking to grow their skills, make legendary friendships, and participate in friendly competitions, remotely!

Learn, grow, and win monthly awards with a community of like-minded individuals in the shooting sports! Take part in the Ballistic B.O.S. community to build your knowledge, dial-in your skills, and advance further than ever before – all within the support structure of our vibrant community! Have fun competing in monthly challenges with your group members and earn prizes and awards each month!

Group 1: The Goal Getters – The beginner friendly group of female shooters who have recently been introduced to firearms, shooting, and the developing the fundamentals of competition shooting!

Group 2: The Warrior Group – This group is for those who have become more “fine-tuned” with their shooting skillsets and/or have a few competitions under their belt!

Group 3: The Marksman Group – This group is for those that have been competing for a few years and/or have achieved a high level of shooting and/or mastery level!

For Just $30/Month, Each Member Will Have Access To The Following:

  • An Abundance of Monthly Drills (Live Fire and Dry Fire)
  • Goal Setting, Tracking, and Accountabilty
  • Talks With Experts In The Field
  • Member Promotion Spotlight
  • Exciting Monthly Challenges With Awards!
  • Range Day Meet & Greets
  • Weekly Discussions
  • Member Rewards
  • Unmatched Support
  • And so much more!

(Don’t worry, if you are beginner to firearms and looking to learn the basics, we can help you with a personalized training plan! Ballistic B.O.S. provides the tools you need for a chance at finding newfound confidence in personal and professional aspects of your life, all while connecting with like-minded individuals on their journeys too. Unleash your potential — join us today!

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